Training Log 15KM

Yesterday, I had my 15km training run at a 6.20min/km pace. The pace was good. Training is broken down into smaller groups thus I feel it is much better because people with similar are placed together to pace each other, this way there is also less chances that we would start up fast and ending in pain 🙂

I feel I started off good and I end even better. In fact, my target for the SCSM 2010 is sub 4hrs. Ytd, I trained with the 4.30hrs to 5.00hrs group but I faced a bit of problem after 12km, this surely means I need more training on my footwork.

Yesterday, was also the day I finally understand the difference between running and running hard. Someone explained that if you are running hard enough you should feel good at the same time tired after the run, simply because you know that you have given it all for the run otherwise you are simply running and no improvement would be made. So my goal now is to run hard even during training.

But for months I have been facing trouble with running down slope… during downslope my knee tend to ache and I have been corrective my landing techniques ever since. Recently there seems to be some improvement and I hope the pain/ache goes away and I am back 100% soon.

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