Port Dickson Triathlon 2010 post thoughts and photos

Arrived 6am at Kat's place, fixed our bike onto the bike rack and we are off to meet the rest of the guys at tuas

Finally its Saturday, I have some time to share my experience at PD 2010. As mentioned in my previous post my goal was to do less  than 3hrs and I did it! 🙂

Swim 0:33:20

Bike 1:09:12

Run 1:02:07

Total 02:46:24

This is my first time doing an OD and I must it sure is fun, the race is full of adrenaline. Once you are in the swim, everything seems to be going at full speed, heart pounding … there is no time to rest:P

Once you are up from swim you just rush to the bike and off you go. Unlike Ironman, I still have a bit time to wear my socks and make sure all of my bike gear before I go off. The same goes for run, during IM I still have a bit of time to sit down and put on “counter pain” hahaaha

Here are some photos that I would like to share with everyone, if you have not try Port Dickson Tri before, you should go for it. It is cheaper than OSIM, Nice place and views and of course much more fun than concrete Singapore.:P

Reached PD around 2pm, This is the offical hotel we stayed in. Cheap & Good
The PD 2010 race routeGetting ready with all my stuffs in place
Bike all fixed up
Race day - 0600hrs everyone getting ready and having the bike in place
Loading up my stuffs, so that I can get it easily after coming up from the swim
0700hrs - Swim Start
A photo before Swim start
0735hrs And GO!!!!
a total "shag" face - not enough training for Swim
Bike Route - I was quite surprise that I actually did the 40km route at the AVG of 35km/h. Oh and the route is very much like mandai too up slope and down slope and up slope again...
After the Race, Time for Food
and More Food!!!
Finally a word to Car drivers

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