WordPress and my 10,000 visitors mark

The increase of visitors on my siteAfter many changing back and forth of blogging platform, I decided to go with wordpress. Above picture show how wordpress actually brings in visitors to my blog, this gives me the opportunity to shared my view with the rest of the world.

On Feb 21 2010, I wrote about WordPress platform vs Blogger. but after which I change to other platforms.

And on April 8, 2010 I chose to stay with WordPress. Take a look at the increase in site visits since I stay with wordpress.com.

So for those who are looking for blogging platform, Look no more, wordpress.com is the one for you.

Here I would also thank all visitors to my blog, I had the opportunity to learn from you all 🙂

* the july result has not be tabulated yet, thus the decline in hits. 🙂

2 thoughts on “WordPress and my 10,000 visitors mark

  1. Hi Bryan,
    Here at Vivobarefoot we’re aware that there have been some issues with some of Evo’s from the very first 1st production run. We acknowledged that in some sporadic and rare cases, some shoes tore on the upper and we’ve taken immediate action to correct this.
    The 2nd Evo production run (from May), and of course future production, has a much stronger mesh (still just as lighweight and breathable) that performs up to 15 times better in the flex tests with much higher consistency than the first batch. The first mesh was from a reputed supplier and tested in the lab, but, seems there were some irregularities and we’ve corrected that.
    We will of course replace any shoes that have torn prematurely (reasonably) and rest assured that the Evo has evolved and all shoes on sale now are from the new production.

    Please email me: if you have any questions jamie at terraplana dot com

    Best regards,


  2. Many thanks to your articles on WordPress vs Blogger. Admittedly I had my mind just about set on WordPress, because it has a native Source Code highlighter (for bloggers who post programming code), the Page feature, and keeps it simple to blog.

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