Siloso Beach Resort Bursary

Siloso Beach Bursary - Award Ceremory
Siloso Beach Bursary – Award Ceremory

Last Nov 2009, I was very fortunate to received the Siloso Beach Resort Bursary from Mr. Ng Swee Hua. But he was not free during the award ceremony so I did not have a chance to thank him personally.

From Left – Ms Liang, Mr Ng, Me, Ms jia Ee

Last Friday, I finally had the opportunity to meet Mr. Ng. I would like to thank Ms Virginia Cheang and Ms Liang Bo from NUS Business School for helping the awardees to arrange the dinner with Mr. Ng.

Mr Ng is currently managing his new business venture Siloso Beach Eco-Hotel. His hotel had also just been awarded the TUV certified eco hotel. The very first hotel to receive this award in Singapore and I believe in the region too.

I like to say a big thank you to Mr. Ng.

During the recent economic crisis, you reach out your hands and presented me with the Siloso Beach Resort Bursary. If I had not received your bursary during that period of time, it would have been a tough time for me to concentrate on my final year of studies.

During the dinner I learn three things from Mr. Ng about life and living as an individual.

  1. “You’ve got to give more than you take.” once you are able to do that you will receive more
  2. for every 10 things I do, 7 things I did were wrong – but if you do not take your first step how would you know that it was wrong? it actually goes in line with this quote I thought of 莫等閒 白了少年頭,空悲切。(quote from 满江红)
  3. you must 飲水思源 and consistently be learning > learning is never-ending

谢谢你,Mr Ng 我会好好的把这三句话记在心里。。。

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