BP you did it again!

With the BP oil spill incident getting from bad to worst, the news of BP appears before me during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And my curiosity also starts to grow, how does the oil industry actually work? How do we actually get the “black Gold” into our homes?

So i did a search on amazon and found this book! Oil on the Brain

With reference from Amazon: the reviews seem to say that this is an easy book to read if you truly want to understand about the oil industry and what is oil? So I went down to our National Library to borrow the book.

Never did I expect 5 pages into the book, BP’s name was mention again.

It was such a coincident! in 2004 BP shutdown the oil field in Prudhoe Bay, and what was once US biggest oil field was left unattended.  It was mention in the book that the oilfield output was so small that the company hadn’t cleaned some pipes more than a decade.

My thoughts: (You achieved your corporate profit and you leave behind a “black hole” that brings suffering to the people living near the oil field)

Exactly the same issue now, even if BP manage to clear up the mess, the suffering that BP leaves behind for the people depending on the gulf sea will last for a very long time.

Here is a youtube cover on BP oil spill.

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