I’m selling my Newton Running shoe for Vivobarefoot’s Evo

Selling my newton running shoes

After a few attempts on Vivobarefoot Evo, and a few attempts on Newton Distance S.

There is no going back to cushion shoes. Minimalist shoe brings me to a whole new level in running, and I truly feel good when I am in Evo, feet is lighter, no heel strike and I could feel the ground.

So now I decided to sell my Newton Running shoe (and Newton was on my wishlist) for Vivobarefoot’s Evo.

Model: Distance S

Size: 10

Going for 50% off retail price – SG$100 🙂

4 thoughts on “I’m selling my Newton Running shoe for Vivobarefoot’s Evo

  1. Do you run on concrete or asphalt? I would think one would need more cushioning for these unnatural surfaces.

    1. hi 🙂

      I run on both… I have a different perspective… I feel better when I use EVo for trail and Newton for road. 🙂

      but I also believe different people have its own preference. What are you thoughts for Evo on the road?

  2. I haven’t used either. I only know of the Newton from a presentation by the company at a local running store. I current wear negative heel Earth shoes mostly. I just bought a pair of cheap flip flops without a raised heel.

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