My first bandit run at Sundown Marathon 2010

Yesterday, I had my first “bandit run” at Sundown Marathon 2010. In case you ask what is “bandit run” it is to run along side the actual running event. 😛

Also like to Thanks and his cousin for their support. I was actually planning to attempt a 84km!!! run on Dopie, but I think I was too greedy, “even before I learn to walk, I wanted to fly” anyway I was late for the event so I ended up joining the ladies 10km run in starting 🙂 and because it was a 10km run and that the 84km group had already started as I moved into the 7km It was a lonely run along the coastal.

During the run, I experienced a chill numbness down my left leg…In the end, I stopped at the 20km after meeting Zyy and his cousin, another reason is the big blister that I got.

Super big blister
Super big blister grows as I run using the Dopie

Another reason I stop was because I believe I had inadequate training, or maybe I just did not have the motivation.

Wherever reason or excuses I have , I am determined to conquer the sundown marathon next year.

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