Lesson on business model for Start-ups

Today, I had a discussion with Zyy.sg and Sin en. It was about the continuity of Soleil Water. We have come up with several plans and when the time is right we would choose the one that deem most fit.

What I want to share is what zyy shared with me, he shared with me what he learned about business model from SWG. And that actually prompt me to look for books about creating successful Start-ups from the national library. I found “Startups that Work”.

I read through the content page and also notice that important factors that Soleil Water actually miss out. Well I understand that reading a book would not increased the chances of my Start-up success but at the very least it allows me to take notice into the factors that I should consider. Although I believe the best learning experience would be hands on experiences.

When I finish the book I will also make a post on what are the things that Soleil Water miss out on or is it simply because of me.

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