Running with Terra Plana Dopie

Cuts from Strap

Today I just completed a 20km run with Terra Plana Dopie. The experience was great but the strap is still creating problems for me. Along the run, the strap keep rubbing against my skin resulting in light cuts on my feet.

Blood stain on strap, the area that gives me the problem

The “blood stained” area on the strap. So half way down the journey I decided to loosen the strap. I feel more comfortable but the foot bed keeps on giving me the flapping feeling.

Marathon Singapore confirmation
Marathon Singapore confirmation slip

Despite all the cuts and abrasions, I have decided to use Dopie for my 2010 Marathon Singapore event.This is because after I started out minimalist shoes I could not go back to cushion shoes also my love for running increased. Each run gives me a new experience because I could feel the ground and when I starts to feel the ground I learn to embrace the environment, this makes my running more enjoyable.

Furthermore, This year the 42km for Marathon Singapore will be totally new experience for me.

1. it would be of a different route as compared to the same route for 2006,2007,2009

2. It is also for me test out Dopie and my love for minimalist shoes.

3. My target is to have a sub 4hrs for my marathon

4 thoughts on “Running with Terra Plana Dopie

  1. have you ever tried taping the foot around the area that makes contact with the straps? just something I thought I might try if I was having that issue, assuming I could run as far as you could. I was thinking about getting a pair just because of the separated toe like tabis, and if your running that far in them, I have upgraded my wanting to coveting a pair for myself.

    1. Hi there,

      Nope I have not tried to tape around the foot area that contacts with the strap πŸ™‚

      but if you are planning to use it for trail run, i dun think it would be good coz small stones tend to get in between the toes 😦
      as for road no problem πŸ™‚

      as the more I ran in dopie , the more I feel it is still a bit thick as compare to its EVO series or five fingers. πŸ˜›

      with proper training and strong will, anyone can do any distance they like πŸ™‚ and I believe you can too … hope to see your post on running too πŸ˜›


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