Walking with God and it hit on me!

Last sunday, I had great lesson learning from a missionary. The lesson was on walking with God.

It was said to be walking with God is also the first step of developing a special friendship. A special friendship that no one else could ever replace. And the success in developing your relationship with God lies in the following.

  1. Use your heart to see, not your eyes (Trust)
  2. Patience
  3. achieve in the direction of God’s objectives

times have change, people are moving at a much faster pace. everything that we want, we want it to be fast. Even when we are praying to God, would you sometime pray that “Dear father, I pray that I would I pass my driving test tml, and you would be watching over …..” we are expecting something from God overnight, sometimes even instantaneous. so when the driving test result is bad and you start to blame your prayers.This is the result of what you see using your eyes.

But we have to fall back and use our heart to see, what are we learning from the process is it because we have not truly understand all necessary skills of driving  – and in the process God is actually keeping us save? we have to trust him that he always have our goodwill at heart.

We also have to be patience, because walking with God is not a 1 or 2 day thing. It is a life time journey.  God has unlimited ability and us we are limited, he is now slowing down for us so that we could learn from him along the journey.

if we see in the direction of God’s objective, we will learn more from him, we will receive more. but we may not see the result in this lifetime. He has long-term plans for us, he can see it all while our eyes only allow us to see maybe 200m ahead of us

” I just like to say that I am not a trained missionary, or someone who is good spreading God’s word but I really learn a lot more during this service. so I would like to share with everyone what I learn 🙂

I would also like to share some Chinese worship songs that are meaning and soothing 🙂

And they greatly inspired me to do the things that I want to do because life is not just about the 5cs.


唯願你全心交託尋求祂 榮面。

祂會和我在佇地 用話來安慰我

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