Blogging on blogspot and

I received an email from Gene asking about the updating of blog posts from blogger to

Here is her his question.

If I wanted to do a test of my own between the two blog platforms – you mentioned an update button in your article. That would allow me to update all of my information (content) from one blog platform to the other. I.E. (in example) go from blogger to wordpress. Could you blog about how you do that or send me back an email describing that feature and where I would locate it. Gene Hallmark

His question arises after reading my post on blogger vs

So I have decided to blog it, so it would benefit other readers too.

Suppose you want to start a blog, and you are comparing between blogger and You could actually manually “sync” the 2 blogs together. Well, not actually sync but import blogger to wordpress, thus you need to provide your content in blogger. This was what I did when comparing I was comparing the 2 platforms.

  1. I start a blogspot –
  2. I also started a blog –
  3. I start off with blogspot and trying out the different widgets that it allows me to customize. (esp. Adsense)
  4. then I login to my
  5. Go to tools > import > blogger
  6. you will be prompt to enter you blogger user id and password
  7. your blogspot and its url will be shown (just like the photo below)
  8. and you click the import button
  9. after which will do all the work > all posts and comments on your blogger is imported to

Importing from Blogger to

From now you while you are trying out blogger and you are posting on blogger, your post could be “sync” on too. And if the case you are thinking of leaving blogger to The posts you created are already in

Or  if you are thinking of maintaining 2 blogs, ie Blogger and > a possible reason may be that blogger gives you the ability to put ads, while gives you the quality audience. Maybe you could follow what I did previous was to import my blogger’s posts to once a week. And both of my blogs show the same content,it also helps to channel the traffic ways I think.

However in the end, as you know I still go for

I hope this answer you question.

Cheers Gene

2 thoughts on “Blogging on blogspot and

  1. nice info… but when i imported from blogger to wp, the lables in blogspot become category in wp… and i have a lot of category cause of this in my account…

    is it automatically sync with wp? or u have to manually sync?

    1. Same thing happen to me too… My labels from blogger became Category in…
      I make used of the function – Category to Tags > changing all my category to tags
      then I rearrange all my tags into new categories I create in 🙂

      As for syncing, I have to do it manually 🙂

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