Born To Run – My book review

* this video gives you a quick overview of the book

50 mile, 100 miles, if you are interested in long distance running this book is for you, if you are curious about running, this book is for you.

I had earlier expressed my interest for “barefoot running” after reading the book “Born To Run”. I also gave a short summary about the book, here I would like to do a shout out for the book and author Christopher McDougall

“This is a great book, it motivates me to pick up the “true form of running” and also inspired me to explore things that I would not think I would be doing – for example running barefoot. Yesterday, I started running barefoot on treadmill… the feeling was great I feel so much in control but I think when it comes to tar road I am still holding back, but I will be using Vivobarefoot Evo.

There are many characters mention in this book and each of them has it own story. The stories are so motivating that each time after reading a chapter, I go for a run. while running I think of the characters in the book 🙂

Furthermore, this book also gives you an insight of natural form running and myths of running shoes –

  1. The best shoes are the worst
  2. Feet like a good beating
  3. “human begins are designed to run without shoes”

*from Born to run

if you like to find out why? > this book is a must read.

Remember to pay attentions to the characters as well.

The Tarahumara – the running people? they were running in the Leadville Trail 100 Ultra Marathon > my goal is to go for something similar in the future like the Gobi March Race

Caballo Blanco – the mysterious loner who lives among the Tarahumara > why he was sucked in running?

Jenn & Billy – 2 beach kids who were not receiving proper training, yet completed ultra-marathon?

and many others…. oh course the famous Barefoot ted is also in the book – how he conquered the trail with his barefeet, a self made sandals and Vffs.

Here is a video on Barefoot Ted 🙂 sharing his experiences

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