I just fell in love with going barefoot – my first Dopie from Terra Plana

Born to RunAfter reading “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall, I am even more motivated to explore the wonders of “Barefoot running”. when it comes to barefoot running there are 2 types actually >

1. The “real” barefoot running meaning the runner really goes without any form of canvas or support. Not even “Minimalist  shoes” like Evo, Fivefingers, Nike Free, Newton and many others…ect

2. The use of “Minimalist  shoes”

There is a review here that talks about the 3 difference between the minimalist shoes and barefoot.

I also gotten a Newton shoe, I have not written a review on it because I only had 2 attempts on it but after using Vivobarefoot Evo I am already very much used to the minimalist shoe, to keep story short on my second run on Netwon, I do not feel very comfortable.

Well, as you would have know in my wishlist I wanted to get a pair of Chacos, because I begin a loyal customer of Chacos but today I have made my mind to make a change to Terra Plana – Dopie.

My first pair of Dopie – I brought it from the “Barefoot” store located at Orchard Ion B3 at $69.90 and I hope I can used it for 2~3 years – I was using chaco sandals and that lasted me for 3 full years I am expecting the same quality from Dopie hopefully it can meet the requirement 🙂

so Why Dopie? I was thinking if I am serious in going barefoot, I should be training my feet in all condition from running to walking, furthermore I hope that using a “minimalist will help me lessen my knee pain. This also act as a form of training.

Dopie was designed by Matthew Harrison while studying at the Royal College of Art in London and developed together with Terra Plana into a finished product that is super comfortable, moulds to your feet and for those who care straightens out your toes and stops you getting bunions…

My Day 01 experience – I am still not used to the sandals and feeling a bit sore in-between the big toe also I top part of the white runner is rubbing again my skin making it uncomfortable as well (seen in photos below)

Dopie on my feet
The Terra Plana strap

I kinda of suspect the strap may wear out quite fast > than again I will update again to see if I need to change the strap in a year’s time? but if you are wondering if it would be slippery , I did step on a puddle of water today and I experience no slip, in fact the grip with the ground is  good. (but this is only first day, hehe 🙂 )

Red irration on the skin in-between the big toe

I will give it some time, maybe a week or 2 to get used to Dopie 🙂 and I will gives update on it

if you are thinking of reading more on Dopie, more information on Dopie (the offical web) and here (The design studio).

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