Google or Facebook: They are both evil?

Recent news about Facebook taking over the whole internet is running all over the internet space after the F8 conference. The situation reminds me of the time when the internet space talks about Google begin evil and all.

SO are they both evil?

Here are some links from about facebook’s development on its “Like” on the internet.

  3. I Think Facebook Just Seized Control Of The Internet

Here are some on google begin Evil 🙂

  2. Google goes Gothic > and you tell people you are not evil?

oh and I did search on youtube and I found this 🙂 – I actually like it very much

and if you are wondering if there is one for facebook, Yeap there is one

Well, in any case. Privacy is a serious issue towards us as end users but is google or facebook evil. I am not sure. The only thing I know is that I cannot go without either facebook or google in my daily routine 😦

Why? because most of my friends are on facebook, and to keep myself updated of my friends activities or invites I have to log on to facebook at least once 🙂

As for google, it a must use for search (both work and play)  and its email “Gmail” with a 7G storage together with the ability for “POP” would you consider another free email services?

There is no denied that I cannot escape the crawl of both internet giants, I just hope that the privacy law would keep us safe.”pray”

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