SBS Service 70 to Circle Line to NEL

First huddle in the morning I wanted to take service 70 to ORQ then change to service 10 this way I could fully utilize my concession card;) seems that it is not the case… After waiting for SVC 70 for 20 minutes I decided to move on to circle line then changing at Dhoby Ghaut to HarbourFront. Haha little did I notice that there is a need to change at Paya Lebar interchange there was no straight train service to Dhoby Ghaut. Maybe this is only done in the morning because during my run for water I actually took circle line too and I end up straight to Promenade. Nevertheless the question is now can I reach n time because I need to change to NEL later on at DB. Plus this would also be a good opportunity for me to keep track of my transportation expenses because when the transportation fare scheme changes I could compare. If I am affected buy the change. It was stated that some people would feel the impact some will benefit some experience no change.

SHIT! I did not have the chance to check the my travel expenses coz the of morning crowd rushing through the gate. Maybe tml Iwill check it on the EZ-link machine.

Updates 27/4:
Circle MRT Macpherson to NEL Harbour Front – $1.60

I tried a new route again today > I took a bus from my place to Paya Lebar MRT, change to EW line Outram MRT, from Outram I change to NEL Harbour Front – $1.45
but because I have student concession, the bus from my place to Paya Lebar MRT was not included – in this case suppose it was included and taken as a transfer fee maybe the price would be round $1.60 too

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