Understanding Exchange-Traded Funds – My book review

This is a simple book pack with facts and figures sufficient for a new investor who is moving towards ETF and it is well written and organized well.

In addition, it offers the reader lots of current information on almost all of the ETFs currently offered but if you are looking for something more in-depth than this book many not be suitable for you.

In the first few chapters, the book gives a run through of different financial instruments.

  • Stocks
  • bonds
  • mutual funds
  • ETfs

Such as: what is stock, mutual funds bonds and all…etc, how it works? what the different kinds available?

Following that it gives the comparison of ETFs against the different financial instruments.

Then it gives you a run through of ETFs strategy depending on your risk appetite and investment horizons. Personally I do not find the strategy offered by the author interesting – the same strategy could be easily found in any othr basic ETFs book.

For Singapore readers some part of the book may not be relevant like the part on 401k and tax on capital gain.

*I maybe wrong but I think the 401k is pretty much like our CPF.

Overall a good read but there better ETFs books out there.

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