My first barefoot running with VivoBarefoot’s Evo

if you had followed my adventure on barefoot running, I had earlier plan to get a pair of Vibram five fingers (VFFs) to start on barefoot running, than came my research and I finally decided to get the newton distance s, which I will treat it as a trainer before my leap to VFFs.

Black VivoBarefoot's Evo
VivoBarefoot's Evo

But before I had the opportunity to try out my Netwon, I was offer the opportunity to try out the VivoBarefoot’s Evo. (Thank God!) My task was to review the shoe and used it for the “Live Earth Run For Water Singapore 6KM Run“. The shoe was sponsored by Barefoot , a new concept store down at Orchard Ion – B3-13 (Facebook Page). They are the official distributor for Terra Plana.

Terra Plana – are bold and inquisitive pioneers in sustainable shoe concepts.
TERRA PLANA means ‘Flat Land’ and is also the name given to the architecture of the Masias in Northern Spain (homesteads made in clusters of buildings) celebrating a harmony of inside and outside living.

But there was some problem with the fit of the shoe.

Flat Foot - Overpronation

because I have sever flatfoot problem  – I tend to over Overpronate unlike the shoes I have in the past I used to have thick cushion to support my falling arch.

Overpronation causes excessive internal rotation of the lower leg and knee and can affect the alignment of entire lower body. Overpronation places extra strain on the lower body and can cause foot pain (pain in arches, heels and ankles), knee pain, leg pain, and lower back pain. (Flat feet often cause overpronation but not all overpronators have flat feet. Those who have feet with high, inflexible arches often underpronate)

So I was not sure if Evo actually suits me, but I gave it a try. The run was on sunday 18 Apr 2010, so a day before I gave the shoe a good warm up at MacRitchie Reservoir, a quick 10km run.(wrong move!-do not try a a new pair of new shoe just days before, training and seasoning takes time, but I only received the shoe on thurday.)

1st run with EVo

Venue: MacRitchie Reservoir

Distance: 10km

Terrain: Trail

Well I think I had started off wrongly because I should not move straight in Evo on a 10km trail but I was tempted to try (Ego problem :(). Anyway starting off the run was good, I did not face any problem with my flat foot issues. I feel that the grips on sandy surface was good, I do not actually feel the “small rocks” on the ground hitting into my feet. Then the long stretch of rocky road towards the ranger station > this is a bit tricky because the rocks are bigger here, sometimes when I step on it I could feel slight “poking feeling” into my feel.

I took a rest at the ranger station before heading back to the ending point. This is also where my lower calf on both legs starts to ache. Slowly I started to fall back to heel strike because each time I tried to for mid-foot landing the aching on the lower calves grows. Then I remember that I read before that this is good because you are starting to train on your lower calves, and that is suppose to be the case. Because when cushion shoes was introduced it reduces the impact on our calves thus our calves starts to get lazy – and weak. But it was a good run I actually enjoyed it very much.

2nd run with EVo

Venue: Singapore F1 Pit

Distance: 6km

Terrain: Road

I clocked a 30min for this 6km run. Running on the road with Evo feels just like a shoe without the cushion. However I was thinking that I may feel the heat from the road which it did not happen. I could not feel the heat. In fact because the material for the shoe is so ventilated I actually  feel a bit cool running in it.

My last 2km, the aching on the lower calves sets in again and I starts to fall on hell striking. I would certainly need more training on barefoot running.

This coming Sunday, I would be using Evo for a Trail run again. This time round 15km. F1 Sports EQ Nature Run 2010 This event is sponsored Fivefingers > It would be a good opportunity for me to learn from fivefingers runner and ask their opinions about the fivefingers.

If you think you are interest in VivoBarefoot, you can visit

Barefoot at ION Orchard

Orchard Ion – B3-13

And give it a try, run around the store. Compare it with Vffs 🙂

but the way if you are interested in Vffs, there is tons of info on Vffs at

5 thoughts on “My first barefoot running with VivoBarefoot’s Evo

  1. Thanks a lot! Was searching for reviews on the Terra Plana and I’m so pleased to not only have found a useful but from someone in Singapore! There’s a Terra Plana store in the Mandarin Gallery as well, but I think I’ll go to Barefoot in Ion.

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