Firefox vs Opera – Firefox I am back

I had earlier on blog about changing to Opera browser because on that particular day, Opera Mini was approved on Iphone and that very day I decided to leave firefox. Who would have thought, less than 3 hours later I am back on Firefox.

Why? (my 2 cents worth of opinion)

  1. Opera browser provides Opera Widgets – which performs similar functions like Firefox addons (I thought) and I was wrong, Opera Widgets is very like a application that runs separately on your desktop. Yes. Opera Widgets is cool and it have popular widgets like twitter and ebay. But what I am looking was for the Widgets to integrate seamlessly into the browser. (Just like the Stumble! Upon toolbar in my firebox) SU toolbar integrate into Firefox This was only possible for firefox. Plus Stumble! Upon and Yahoo toolbar is not available on Opera Widgets, so seeking  an alternative Google toolbar on opera does not provide good review too.
  2. As for the other tools that Opera provide:
    • Opera turbo – I personally could not differentiate the difference in speed.
    • Opera Unite – just a social community site but with added functions of applications for sharing, there too many of these available online. Facebook / twitter/SU and wordpress is good enough for me.
    • Opera Link – did not try
    • Opera Mail – did not try
  3. My own habits –  I am just too used to firefox, I have customize the locations of my bookmarks the relevant tags and I could easily punch out the links I want on firefox. While on Opera, everything is new again. I give myself sometime to get used to it but I grew frustrated because things start to move slower…productivity drop:(  & I am always thinking how fast I could access the commands on firefox, thus I am back

And I will be a firefox user till … something more powerful or more user friendly comes up “_

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6 thoughts on “Firefox vs Opera – Firefox I am back

  1. “Opera Unite – just a social community site but with added functions of applications for sharing”
    You clearly have totally misunderstood what Unite is all about. Unite is so much more than its support site – the community aspect is there ONLY to support the development of the Unite applications. Unite is not even trying to be Facebook or twitter/SU or wordpress, you’re comparing apples with… cars!
    “Opera turbo – I personally could not differentiate the difference in speed.”
    The function is most beneficial when you are on a slow link e.g. dial up, WiFi or very poor reception of mobile broadband. If you were on a good link then of course you wouldn’t, in fact you’d likely see a degradation.
    “Opera Link – did not try” – judged it without trying it? Great analytical approach!
    “Opera Mail – did not try” – more fool you.
    “less than 3 hours later” Yeah, well that pretty much sums up your assessment, doesn’t it. No one could spend three hours and fully assess a browser as complex as Opera, three days or weeks perhaps but three hours!?! But then again, by your own admission you didn’t fully assess it, you gave it a cursory glance and gave up.
    Personally I’d be embarrassed to post such a pathetic review of any software, you didn’t really even try, did you? You just wanted an excuse to go back to the old familiar Firefox.
    Truly pathetic.

    1. I did also point out that “I did not fully assess it” so I have to agree with you that I did not fully try out the browser


      “Personally I’d be embarrassed to post such a pathetic review of any software”

      You cannot assume that I do that for every review because for whatever reviews I have given I honestly state down what I tried, what I was expecting and all.
      And if there are parts that I did not try, I would also honestly, frankly listed them down. just like –

      “Opera Link – did not try”
      “Opera Mail – did not try”

      Thus I feel that was an unfair statement to me.
      On the issue if I had done a good analysis or a bad analysis, that is for all readers to judge.

      If I done a bad job -Thank you I learn from the experience.
      If I done a good job – Thank you I will keep up the good work.

      my 2cents worth:)

  2. I understand why Mike judges like that. Most of the things you wrote down, are general comments which everyone would experience when doing the same. Whats really interesting (and thats what I was searching for, when reading your article) are details: are there different keyboard commands (if yes, especially: is there a way to set it to the firefox default settings?), is adress auto completion the same, is bookmarking as easy, are there features or benefits which you didnt have with firefox (I’m missing auto-offline start), is it starting faster?

    1. @Simon – truly understand what you mean, I am not saying @mike is wrong, just that his statement may be abit “unfair” because a “general” done review may not be reflect that all future reviews should be voided.

      I would be learning from process and would go indepth for future reviews.
      Thank you very much for the time and to highlight the areas I should improve on 🙂

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