Firefox vs Opera browser – My first Opera user experience

Opera vs Firefox I always been a fan of firefox browser since their initial release in 2004, the ability to have addons if one of the key lure for me, it certainly helps me to improved my productivity, two good example for me would be Xmark and dCurrency. Xmark helps me to keep my bookmark sync with the different browsers I used in School and Home. While dCorrency helps me in getting the up to date exchange rates for my finance modules.

While everyone is hoping for a firefox apps on Iphone, there is No such apps available. Yes there are alternatives but I still hope there is a firefox apps. Then came Opera, I heard of opera but never tried them before. Recently, Opera mini just gotten its approval from Apple and there will be a app on Opera. So this news further hype up my curiosity in using a Opera browser both on mobile and on desktop. I have just  downloaded the Opera browser 10.51. The initial feel is that every thing seems so unfamiliar,  and I thought that I would also lose the functions of having Firefox addons only to released there is Opera widgets. I am starting to explore the various functions they have like Opera Unite, link, MAIL and turbo.

Mail certainly draws my interest and I will be trying to add in a few mail accounts to try out the user experience. Sorry Firefox I would have to leave you for a few days and move to Opera…but I will be back…(i think?)

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