Channel NewsAsia – 92.2% of grads found employment within 6 months – Am I the remaining 7.8%

Employment opportunties

Channel NewsAsia – 92.2% of grads found employment within 6 months –

92.2% of grads found employment within 6 months, I wonder where do they take the data from? Or am I one of the remaining 7.8%.

I graduated from NUS Last December 2009, holding a BBA (w/o honours). I studied for over 17 years (6yrs Primary School, 5 Years Secondary, 3 Years Polytechnic and  finally 3.5yrs University). I graduated. And right now I am on a internship program :). I am not complaining but I just like to say that many of my friends are jobless and many of them are on part time jobs. Do the surveyors, take part time job as full time job, if that is a “yes” I believe “Yes” the employment is definitely high. Of course, we cannot blame the economy, because we ourselves get to chose our jobs. Certain jobs are still available – especially in the health care, the decision actually lies if you are willing to take up the job.

I have created a part time venture with my friend. Like the old saying goes, 靠人人跑,靠山山倒. So we have explored our start-up venture with NUS Enterprise for the 6 months. I would have to say NUS Enterprise certainly provides a lot of platform to support the young start-ups, together with mentorship from experienced businessman, we had truly learn a lot along the way.

Today, we have secured our first funding. The Yes! startup fund from Spring, we will make use good use of the fund to create an outstanding enterprise. More on our project

Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic MiracleThank you NUS Enterprise for the help along the way. And I pray that we as Singaporean can have excellent SME and we could be as good as Israel. Singapore and Israel have similar demographic background and both countries do not have much natural resources. But Israel is a Start-up Nation just like the US, Can we be a Start-up Nation too?

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