Blogger vs WordPress: In my opinion WordPress won my heart

Blogspot vs WordPress

In my earlier post on WordPress vs Blogger, I blog about their pros and cons because I unable to find the suitable blogging platform for me after many importing and exporting.I then make a decision to use blogger, because of the ability to customize and to add adsense

Then I did a review on the SEO between blogger and wordpress, in my opinion wordpress does better but if you are really into SEO customization then maybe blogger is for you, Why because you have to add many html codes to make blogger friendly while for wordpress it is hassle free. A good example will be the title of blogger, when you create a post in blogger it would like this “Lee Tuck Sing’s weblog – Test Post 123” while in wordpress it will look like this: “Test Post 123 – Lee Tuck Sing’s weblog” and for most of the search engine (esp google) it looks for the first few as keywords, thus wordpress is better but you could edit the html for blogger to achieve the same effect.

After which because of the ability to customize,, I used blogger for a month and here is my review. And very soon after my birthday on 28 March I made a decision to get a domain name and host it on blogger. I also made a comparison on the cost of hosting on wordpress vs blogger. At this point of time, I thought the wordpress vs blogger issue was over, I have made my final choice. With blogger’s new template and labels features, together with the ability to customize i was contented. I made the effort to learn some html codes to improve the SEO of my blog,who would thought that if I want to change a template I have to redo everything again!!!!!

What a waste of time! it was then I started to appreciate the goodness of simple and hassle free Today 08 April 2010, I decided and convince that is the one for me with its hassle free and simple concept, plus it comes with strong SEO > if you are thinking of ads, you can consider an Amazon Astore (a sample)(create a link and put in a page) or you can join opensky similar to astore but you are not restrict to only amazon products you get other supplies too (I think) i have applied for it but I have gotten the approval to start a store, if i get it I will write a review 🙂

if you are thinking , what is going to happen to my domain name?I have created a static page on google site to host my domain. > Take a look it is an <about me> page.

I like to thank all the readers who read about my wordpress vs blogger, I can give you a finally ans. WORDPRESS.COM is the one for me. If you love meddling with codes go for blogger it is free plus if you want to host it – it is cheaper but if you want simple and easy I would say – spent more time blogging than to think of SEO!

21 thoughts on “Blogger vs WordPress: In my opinion WordPress won my heart

  1. Thanks so much for all these great article. You have definitely saved all of us a lot of time. This is very valuable information!
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    1. Hi there, Thanks for the comment.
      I followed the link to your blog, I must say you bring blogspot template to a different level, you must be very good with html codes 🙂

      *I do not know how to read your blog because of my language but I like your blog design 🙂


    1. Yeah. I owned but i am not using it on blogger’s free custom domain service. I tried to use it initially but the response (from search) is not as good as using wordpress. 🙂 so its WP for me.

  2. I really like wordpress. Sometime or later I’ll make the switch from Blogger to WordPress because blogger is getting boring for me cuz they do everything for me, I want to edit everything for myself and wordpress lets me do that. Check out my site….
    Wordpress Rocks!

  3. Lee, appreciate your thoughts on WP vs Blogger. I liked some of the emerging features in Blogger but have a significant post inventory in WP (400+).

    Have been exploring moving 2 blogs from to – our primary business blog – has slowed significantly the last 3 weeks.

    Do you have any hosts you would recommend?

    PS I share your passion for triathlons and fitness!

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