wordpress vs blogger : I DO NOT own domain leetucksing.com

Update: 12 Nov 2011

Hi guys, if you are searching for my name on google and it returns leetucksing.com – I like to highlight that I no longer uses that as my domain. Someone actually picks up the domain and change it into an insurance site.

leetucksing - Google Search
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Original Post: [wordpress vs blogger : I have my own domain leetucksing.com – 28 Mar 2011]

Finally, I had up my mind to get my own domain.
Visit my new blog at leetucksing.com

So you may ask where did I host my blog. Well I host in on Blogger after many research and comparing between wordpress vs blogger. Yes. wordpress.com is good, the stats the support and the community 🙂 but the cost is high to me 😦 unfortunately > US$14.99 > becomes S$20.98 for me) while on blogger I lose some of the features but I can easily get a domain from godaddy at US$7.69 > that’s about S$11 for me 🙂

So TEMPORARY for now I will be with blogger, and they have new templates design. However if I become a even more serious blogger. I will definitely go for wordpress.org  but cost of that is even higher :< but if I am serious blogger hopefully I could be earning so cash from ads to cover the hosting fees 🙂

That’s all See you all at leetucksing.com 

3 thoughts on “wordpress vs blogger : I DO NOT own domain leetucksing.com

    1. In fact, I have to agree with you.

      I registered for my own domain on 28 March, just only a few days of hosting on Blogger and I have already decided that once my contract with the existing domain owner ends I will shift it to wordpress.com.

      It is much more simpler, yes I was thinking that blogger may give me better customizes options but do I have the time to play with it, am I willing to spent time online to look at html codes on how to improve my blogger SEO.

      it is a different case for wordpress.com, everything is short and sweet. I believe you have made a wise choice.

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