My review of Disqus comments – Bad!!!!

For users or bloggers out there who are considering to use Disqus as your comment system. DO THINK TWICE!!!

so what happened? I was looking for a comment system that could act as a value add to my blog, and so I found > so reading some reviews on the Disqus comment system on the web I decided to give Disqus comment a try. Well, the installation was exceptionally easy, the user just need to upload its .xml file on to the system than a code will be generate and you can easily copy and paste it into your blog… walaaaa… the disqus comment system is up… so far so good.

However, because the comments were sync with the disqus server…all existing comments from my blog were gone. It became worst so I decided to delete away the disqus comment system… hahaha the was no easy installation for removal…I did a search on “how to delete disqus for blogger“you will find a few useful links. but when you look at the posts they are a year old. So what else I try to contact the “official rap” to help me, I email him but have yet to hear from him.

Than I saw another post so I follow the instructions, guess what all my comments were gone and my original comment system were no longer available. I had to revert back to my original template losing all my customization > having wasting more time to redo my blog.

My 2 cents worth do not follow this instruction:

Use any text editor (plain text mode) remove everything in between the following tags:

Once completed, DISQUS will be removed from your site

 It will destroy your blog. > in this case it kill mine. 😦

8 thoughts on “My review of Disqus comments – Bad!!!!

  1. Well, I use DISQUS on one of my blog (blogspot) and another one on WordPress (self-hosted), everything work nice. I didn’t experience any lost comment, nor a crash systems.

    Maybe I was luck at all, but I love DISQUS since its simple and easy to use.

    1. Hi Cahya,

      How are you doing? Are you still running your blog 😀
      Thanks for the comment although my reply is 2 years late…hahaha but I came to review this post because I think Diaqus 2012 awesome. I would be doing a follow up post on this. Disqus in my opinion I think have been working hard to listen to thier users. Delete or removing Disqus account is also much easier now 😀

      Cheers and looking forward to hear from you 😀

      1. Hi, I am doing fine, just busy with some stuff and never have enough time to even visit my own blog.

        Well, Disqus 2012 still help me a lot while I am away. Moderation and replying comment via email is mandatory – in my case :).

  2. Disqus is evil and wants to sell your personal information once you’ve signed up. Disqus prevents people from posting “real” comments sicnce everything you say is linked back to your account. I don’t care for this level of transparency — how can people be okay with giving up their anonymity? I guess if your the hardcore blogger than it’s cute to try and help you keep your own comments organized. But for all others, Disqus is a real headache.

  3. I use/used Disqus to make comments in the Edmonton Sun. Then one day I noticed my username and a comment not made by me at all. Then this same person started making threats to other Commenters. I got BANNED ! Thing is, the username and avatar were the exact same as mine! Disqus is NO GOOD!

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