WordPress vs Blogger – review after 1 month of blogger

It has been month since my last post on my decision on blogger.  After my decision I move on to customize my blogger, giving it a simple look trying out various SEO methods such as changing the title tag of my blog spot, adding meta description of the post and adding post url keyword in titles. I also added a sitemeter to track the pageview of my blogs. Concurrently, I was also importing my newly blog post to wordpress > I was looking to test the SEO of blogger and wordpress.com. Here was something I posted on earlier on about blogger’s SEO.

It has been a month now, but the stats between the wordpress and my blogger is total apart. With the same post and everything constant, my wordpress with imported blogger post gain 200 page view while blogger with the original post gain only 87 views.> this says something about blogger’s SEO. During this period, blogger in draft launch template design, and my hear goes finally blogger has another feature comparable with wordpress.com > this also makes me believe that I had made the right choice.

Than I start to notice something, I need some serious readership to share comments perhaps (or rather a community). Blogger does not give you the option like wordpress to have a dashboard which shows what are the latest post on wordpress.com / tag surfer … with the options I could easily share my posts among other of the same interest. I tried to compensate with the use of stumble upon, but SU often came back with blogs that no longer “alive” – updated..

Since wordpress.com has limitation on ads > which I favor for blogspot : but if t here are no readers there is no points for ads.
I have plans to go for wordpress self-hosted. I ave check the cost for hosting in Singapore the total cost will be S$60 while hosting on Godaddy on the wordpress package will cost around $79. Maybe I just have to weight the cost and benefits.

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