Newton Running Shoes or Five Fingers

Very interesting video on Barefoot running, in fact I am now considering to buy a show either fivefingers or Newton, while for Newton it would be a good start for me because it looks more like a shoe and it still has that cushion for your feet, unlike fivefingers it would be a 100% change over to barefoot running.
hmmm, so do I change to newton first than to five fingers or should I go for five fingers straight?

 New Vibram FiveFingers KSO Grey/Palm/Clay 43 Mens Shoes $85

One thought on “Newton Running Shoes or Five Fingers

  1. I say just go straight to fivefingers — the change from Newton’s to VFFs will be just about as drastic as the change to Newton’s b/c Newton’s are still more a shoe than a barefoot shoe (no matter what marketing material they throw at you).

    Just my .02, and yeah I’m a bit biased to VFFs — I run the fivefingers fan site (birthdayshoes)

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