SAFRA Dragonboat – first rowing session after 2006

Today, I went to join Merlion for a rowing session,  well feeling was good rowing with some of the old friends. But right now I am suffering from the sore on my butt. Plus I attended church after the rowing session, the timing was perfect 🙂

Here is the song that I enjoy

I think I would be joining the main team for any row because of the time crushes, I actually want to attend service on Sunday. And I had a good service today. I learn about love and I have heard this topic for many times.

  • Love that gives – how much can you give or are you only here to receive? – I mean there are many things to reflect on this statement
  • for example, about the neighbor that is mentally unsound and her dog that keeps barking and disturbing us at night – can I forgive her?
  • Love that initiates – are you willing to take the first step to reach out and share?
  • Can I take sometime off and ask someone, how is your day? listen to their problems and not only to the ones I know and also to the ones I barely know
  • Love that builds up – with reference to Peter’s story about his journey with God, he went through the phases of rejecting God, I had the same problem, I had been a back slider for years until, I started to pray (I still do not attend service regularly) at night before I sleep, I always feel better and fresh the next day especially the financial problems (heavy loans payment) I faced. Age 28, i have just graduated from NUS, I am only earning $7.00 per hour and my mom still have to hold mahjong session at home just to get by our living expenses. I want to give my mom a good life, she has been supporting me for years, gives me good education and comfortable living. But who would expect after my graduation I am still earning a part timer pay, I was think i may 大时代 and maybe bring my mom out for lunch every Sunday. After many prayers,  (No. not that God given me a car, but I also realized there are also many ways of enjoying good times with my mom, like having breakfast with her not necessary on a posh restaurant but a simple meal at the hawker.)

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