Does blogger really have a better SEO than wordpress?

Well, i have read quite a few blogs that mention that Blogger may have better SEO ability compare to wordpress/ Here is one example.

Google loves Blogger blogs. It’s no wonder, it’s their company. Do their algorithms give Blogger blogs an unseen advantage? In a way, yes. First, by being a subdomain off of an established Google owned domain this seems to allow them to get recognized quicker than comparable self-hosted WordPress blogs. Second, the default Blogger templates are rather SEO friendly and can be made even more so. Lastly, you can find a keyword targeted URL name easier than you can in the domain marketplace although the Blogger names are also becoming more competitive.
Many WordPress themes are poorly optimized for SEO so you will need to take this into consideration. You will also have the challenge of getting Google to recognize your new domain. While rapid indexing techniques can help you’ll sometimes encounter domains that Google stubbornly refuses to recognize for various reasons. Lastly, finding a keyword rich domain name for your niche blog can be difficult. You may have to buy one from a domain broker or auction which can be pricey. > quoted from here

so I try monitor my reader’s stats. I have 2 blogs. and
I usually update my blog on the blogger side, than I will just click the import button on wordpress and I am good on both blogs. * Note. I am using but in the article it was writen for selfhosted wordpress.

Okie. back to visitors stats, I see my wordpress stats gaining in number each day while for the blogger there was not much visitor. Moreover a search on my name shows that wordpress are on the top of search list. In fact a more recent search a lso shows the same result despite I am updating my blogger blog more regularly. Well in my opinion, maybe wordpress may have a better SEO than blogger, but  that wouldn’t be much of the use since does not allow ads 🙂

my 2cents worth of thoughts.
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8 thoughts on “Does blogger really have a better SEO than wordpress?

  1. Thanks for the post Lee! As with everything, I think number talk. I guess I AM surprised that your wordpress stats gained in number each day while blogger did not – specifically for the reason stated above ” Google loves Blogger blogs. It’s no wonder, it’s their company. ” However, you can’t argue with numbers.

    My2 cents – people should have both (as you do.) The more the better!

  2. Hi Lee,
    I really like the theme of your wordpress blog. What theme are you using ?


  3. Another vote for the wordpress site here, came here from Google trying to figure out if I should stay with my wordpress hosted site or move to Google’s backyard. Guess, I’ve got my answer.

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