Goal…What’s Next

Golden Goal…, originally uploaded by Perfect Stranger®.

Yes! I have completed my first Ironman Langkawi – 14:48Hrs.

First part of the swim was not so great but it was make up by the 2nd 2km 🙂 1.33

Bike was tough… 7.12 I should have train more on the bike esp. on the slopes

Run – I have to Thank Mr. Chua from MF Safra who allow me to pace with him. Allowing me to reach a pace of 5:45 for the 42km run.

Well now after the IM what is next? I am also quite lost, do I go back to DragonBoat or do I focus on run now. Current status to get up my financial up and running well so that I could give me mom a good life. As for sports I would keep it as a body maintenance… but it would be good if I could have a shot at IM aiming at 13 Hrs. or even Kapa – a 6.5kkm swim 🙂

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