My review Blogger vs. 2010

Pulsed: Blogger vs. Comparison Chart – 2010

I have spent many I mean “many hours” wasted any of manyy productive hours>>>deciding what platform to use. WordPress or Blogger?… I mean… Does it really matter which platform I chose since both are free…. In fact I been switching between the 2… (the WP I am talking about here is and not 🙂 )

I started with blogger, because it was first to reach Singapore, I think.. then when I was in China for exchange .. I change to wordpress because blogger was blocked… there was not much problem then.. coz it was quite obvious if you want to blog then it is the wordpress platform you have to use… > Now right now back in Sg.. I am deciding which platform to use… I have been reading the different reviews and feel that in the Web more hands are given to wordpress for their platform functionality and template selection. I also have a wordpress ID/blog I have to decided now what platform to use because I only want to update one and not both.

I have to step back and think what is the purpose of my blog. My main purpose of my blog is to have a “dairy” that one day people can remember me of… maybe in 100 years time someone could do a search on “leetucksing” and they could find something on me 🙂 … if you look at my previous you will understand that if someone do a search on “leetucksing” the first result to show up will be “facebook”, “twitter” and “WP”. “WP” really makes your presence on the web more noticeable than blogger.

The link above certainly makes things clearly but I am still undecided what platform to use… However I have now decided to use blogger now because I believe as a newbie it is certainly much easier to do so because

Creating style on WP requires upgrade – Blogger is free
Having your own domain name is only Us$10 compared to US$15 for WP
Now that Blogger also have pages … same with WP
It allow ads, that if you are planning to put ads
There are more apps for Blogger but the Apps are not as nice/ beautiful as WP

One of the common issue i read online is that Blogger having poor templates compared to WP but a search on Blogger template will give you many more choices that you may need. Then again too much of something is also no good because sometimes simplicity is the best.

Maybe in the future if I may change to WP… but by choosing blogger now and if I really need to change it to WP .. it is just a click away however for blogger it is not. If you blog on WP now and if you wish to transfer your stuff over to Blogger, you have to covert the file and the process is not easy I feel and there are constrain.

13 thoughts on “My review Blogger vs. 2010

  1. i had a blog at blogger, recently i made another blog at WordPress and moved my old posts to there. Although your post gave me some idea about choosing a platform, still i can’t decide with which platform i should continue blogging

  2. I think both of them are good, blogger have a good look, many widget and wordpress have detailed features for blogging, but I choose blogger, simple and easy, 🙂

  3. Blogger is easy and simple to use. Worpress is kinda complicated. I have found more visitors in my blogger than wordpress. Blogger is google friendly and so presentable and stylish looking site. Now i became a Blogger fan. Sorry WordPress, i have to say goodbye to you, im moving on to is such a beauty!!

    1. Hi Spartan2010

      I took some time too changing from WP to Blogger and Blogger back WP. I have found my sweet spot for WP. So Cheers to you buddy in finding the right platform for you.


  4. maybe i’m the only one think that blogger is complicated??i have both but i don’t post anything at blogger because i don’t know how should i design my blog. i think it is complicated since the theme provided is not good as wp. eventho wp require users to pay for upgrading, i think wp is the most suitable place for me right now.

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