Ironman 6 days to go – my mixed feeling

Ironman eve. What to do the day-before your first one…

Reading the article from about certainly makes me more nervous than ever. 6 more days to IM… I am getting butterfly in my stomach already. For the past 2 weeks I have mixed feeling about IM both excited and worry… I hope this is a good sign… I am starting to think of Andy Ng’s word… just let your heart go “Just do it” and reading from this article “The world is filled with people who will wander through their time on this Earth without truly “living” and experiencing the thrill of stepping out of the comfort zone of their everyday lives. Lives that often leave them thinking there must be more, that just maybe they are missing out, but are never quite able to take that first step into a new, bold adventure.”

Tml I am going for a light run and maybe swim if I have the time… hoping to catch some light exercise before flying over. As fo rpacking I am currently half done. Tml I will continue and see if I left out any items. Currently I know that I lack of “the special biscuit” and some comfort food to bring aloong 🙂

I also been listening to music that keep my motivation high and this is one of them.

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