Year of the Tiger: Chinese New Year 2010 Celebrations

Chinese New Year 2010: Year of the Tiger: Chinese New Year 2010 Celebrations

Haha, finally its back to blogging, I have been pushing back the blogging task for weeks…

so it makes me wonder, why do I blog? is it because I want someone to know about me or just to keep tracks to things in my life… well certainly I was thinking maybe it is both… Initially, I tot of blogging as a form of getting readers coming to my site this I am able to earn some ad fees maybe from Google Adsense or anything that is around…. but that;s not the case since I am not a regular blogger than the thought come maybe I should keep a blog because one day when I am nolonger around at least someone will know there is a person, Lee Tuck Sing that exists in this world, I could also keep a memory how hard I try from Person A o Person B… from bad to good of the progress in my life… A good example will the meet up session with my primary schools friends few weeks ago. haha It was a good session never did I expect to meet my friends after 15 long years. The amazing was that we still have many things to share about… Yeah

And so I keep a blog about my progress or some random happening in my life, then I wonder my passion in investing can I share this interest with people, can I have my postings on financial marketing to be hosted on blogger that maybe one day I can be successful and people will starting reading my finance blogs just that alphatrend, thereformed broker.. you know those sort… so I gotten a domain named:
haha…frankly I truly hope I would have a firm that called ltsventure in the future basically into investing and sorts. There was a time when I was thinking maybe I should combined the blogs to one, easy to update and many things else… than there was also a time choosing between wordpress and blogger … truthfully wordpress wins hed down but with blogger ad posting feature and allow me to host my own domain at 10buck, and as a budget student .. I do not see the reason why not the change… maybe when I become more affordable I will change it back to wordpress… but no certainly blogspot for me… plus import and export is so easy right now.

So now I have in fact 3 blogs.
1. about me
2. more like a trading log to me to share ideas
3. a blog with my partner..

in the previous I wanted to post about my start up journey, well I think I will start with Chinese New Year first. Ytd was the first family dinner I had with my mom;s side of the family. It was strange but It felt good… haha the same common and  old questions that a family dinner would pop up..

  1. how’s job searching? Are you working already?
  2. Have girlfriend? Plans to get married?
  3. HDB any plans?

Well they will get are the typically ans from us. Soon Soon, Still looking hahah… I wonder how long can those ans last another 5 yrs maybe ?

Well all in all I look forward for another dinner session.

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