2009 Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore Triathlon – Triathlon Checklist

2009 Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore Triathlon – Triathlon Checklist

Well 12 more days to Ironman Langkawi, so I went online seeking advice on the packing list and I found one on Aviva…
it is for 70.3 but I figure that I could modify from here.

plus due to budget constrain, I do have to borrow some of the items plus and I like stress this… I would only have 5 gels with me … the rest I will be having biscuits hahahah…:)

  1. Swim suit or tri suit or tri shorts> i will be going in on a trisuit
  2. Goggles> I have 1
  3. Swim Cap (it will be in your registration pack)
  4. Lubricant or anti-chafe (Body Glide) > I do not have but I do have moisturizers
  5. Towel (optional)> I need to prepare one for transition
  6. Ear Plugs > Nope
  7. Sun screen> need to buy or borrow > or maybe the organizer will give?


  1. Bike> I have hahaha from china
  2. Helmet> I have from china too
  3. Bike shorts or tri shorts (dependent on what you want to ride in, change tents will be available)> will be using a cycling shorts and attire
  4. Bike Shoes > have
  5. Sunglasses> have
  6. Water bottles w/energy replacement fluids (fill ’em before the start)> water water and plain water
  7. Energy gel or snacks > Julie’s biscuit
  8. Biking gloves> Nope
  9. Spare Tube, CO2, Tire Levers> Spare Tube, Co2(buy, but adapter have to borrow), tire lever, Yes.
  10. Tool Kit > Yes


  1. Race shoes with quick laces> Old shoes … completed 2 marathon with it
  2. Cap or Visor > nope
  3. Lubricant for feet> nope
  4. Race number on race belt > yes
  5. Energy gel or snack > how can i carry this? i will not be on a trisuit , will be on a normal gear … how do i carry this ???
  6. Sunscreen


  1. Rain cover
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Bag (remember to store in the appropriate place)
  4. Extra Energy gels, snacks and pre race drinks
  5. Sandals for post race use(Yes)
  6. Change of clothes for post race (Yes)

I am excited about the race, I am also worry can I go through… I am worry ..because of the failure at 84km it really sets me back…. but now it is the time to climb back….

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