Keep Walking – Dreams will come one day (Happy New Year 2010)

2009 – many things happen. The start of 2010… I plan to do a bit of reflections.

The top of the list problem now is my financial situation, at the age of 27 I am only taking in part-time allowance. Now graduating from NUS, I have 2 options.

  1. to continue on my Solar Water venture: but the risk is very big. I have to live without an allowance for a period of time plus it is also time for me to take up Full Responsibility to taking care of my mom. In fact when I was about to graduate I was thinking I am able to secure a good job and from there I am able to give my mom a better life. However, at my age I also believe that if I do not try out the business venture again it would be a waste. Climbing the corporate ladder, how long will that take me? 10 years or 15 years The same time period may be spend on doing my own business in hope that it would be IPO or even sold away. 
  2. Looking for a job, in fact after much job searching I am more clear about my job direction. I am looking into the finance industry particular in Energy Trading or Stock broking. I would also consider a career in general trading too because this tradition form of business is the most profitable around ( I believe) 

I have made my decision to take on my venture … Solar Water. I could really feel the stress this time around as people and family members will start asking.
why are you not looking for a job ?
cannot find?
what are you doing now ?
are you bring in any income?
all these questions a very much stressful to me and I could really feel the pressure.

I made some miscalculation in my personal financing and I really than my business partners in their support. without their support I may not be able to take part in the venture. There are many people I would like to thank and I am indebted to them.

My goal in the next 3 months is to see Solarwater becoming a established firm and excel in the desalination industry.

A video that motivates me…

I hope this video will also motivates anyone who is thinking of starting their own business. regardless the situation you are in, the most important is to gain support from your family member . I have mine from my mom. a 3 months period to venture into the new year.

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