2009 Standchart Marathon

Well, I did a 5:25:04 today. Not a very good result, as I was expecting a 4:30:00. it was a total 1 hour way from the target. I do not know if it is me or is it my age. I do not seem to be as “fit” in the past.

For this race I been thinking? is it that I never train enough or I have problems with my health. Obvious at around 30km, I start to get dehydrated easily plus I was also thinking about my urine because if I push too hard there will be blood in my urine. Well this certainly makes me remember about the last race. Sundown where I only ran up to 25km.

5:25:04 is a good gauge of where is my standard. i should focus more on running now then.(i think) I think I do not have a big problem reaching 25km but 30km I think its the wall.

Thinking about all this I am also worried about my ironman race in langkawi in coming Feb 2010. Can I cross the line that’s the question in my mind. Friends who clear the IMWA09 had a tough race. They have proper training and good equipment but there was near situation of DQ.

My plan now is to look for training programs and my diet. I want and I pray to have God to see my round the route to Langkawi Ironman.

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