Facing the Giants – Maybe its time to truly open my heart to God

I have to admit I am suffering, I am think why?
Why do I study so hard getting a degree and i could not even find a good job. I cannot provide for my mom who have been taking care of me. Why?

I have been praying, it just that I too feel that it is just not working. I just watch the movie “facing the giant” I have to say there are scenes that truly motivates me. in fact, I think it actually makes me fall deeper into the arms of God.

From the movie –

  1. I learn a story of 2 farmers, both were suffering, both were praying hard for the rain. But one makes the preparation for the rain in the field. God will bring the rain when the time is right, but you have to be prepare for you. Which one are you?
  2. I learn don’t be afraid of Failure, because when you do not try you have already Fail and that is FEAR. Moreover REMEMBER: “YOU GOT NOTHING TO LOSE” – Call up the HR and ask for opportunties. The worst you wil get is a no, but remember you already do not have a job.
  3. when we win – we praise him / when we lose – we praise him
  4. Ask and you shall Receive

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