Job hunting;)

Job hunting;)… Iit raining heavily now. I am standing at the busstop hoping for the rain to be smaller so I can walk back. Just came back from an interview for a korean won broker position – a very specialist position. So what with it, it the process of running looking for jobs that makes me think if I ever want to be in the rat race… People going off at work at 6am..stuck in the traffic, or even sometimes in the rain… Then the thought of what if one day u are retrench? A sudden lost of income what would happen to you.. All these sprung to my mind and I think do I want to start my own biz? Are u able to handle the biz? It not so easy, and its harder if u have financial problem. I think the most important is to make adecision between chosing a job u like or a job that pays well but he best will be to be own boss of course… Let see how solar water is going to do:)

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