weekly – 26 Oct to 01 Nov

26 Oct to 01 Nov

It surely is a tough week. Hardly have time to blog about my weekly achievements. Okie lets see what have I done last week.
If I am not wronh I was busy preparing for the ss papers that had to be hand up on thur. Then I had a swim with yy.
Same thing again busy doing ss paper. But I remember I was doing other stuff during ia lesson. The ia presentation was very like a motion. Everyone was going through the lesson I dun feel anyone was paying attention as most of us were on laptop.
This is interesting. The climate change talk by standard bank. Very interesting talks about the mechanism of clean project financing. But I soon realized I actually know more than what the mbas know. Like project cdm.hopefully solar water can be up can consider as a cdm project then the the firm will have carbon credit.
Busy mugging for consumer behaviour… A tough nut to crack but I hope I can get a b+ to a for this;) I also applied for 2 broker position. Oh an for the oil broker position dunno why the lady haven got back to me not sure if I did not meet the requirement or the email did not reach her. Then I also do not dare to press too much charges..coz it does nto seem nice. Oh I forgot I went to a firm for interview. Haha it was a scam loh I feel… When I went there then I discover it was a financial consultanting firm, its not that pfc is not a good job but want I really want now is to a be first class trade. Go paul tudro jones;)
Busy day met with prof again for solarwater this time round understand more about the system. And the cost. Its always good to know that the cost is lower than what was predicted.
Consumer behavoir test and that it was down to cb project meeting which was good I think at least we get some thing done. Never knew the date to hand in is next week.
Did not wake up for cycle but clock a 3 and a half hours run a 5pm. It was a long run to ecp then bedok then br then back home.

I think that’s about it nothing special. I think the most happening things nw is the solarwater moving ahead…

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