Ironman China 2008 – Preparation

after coming to hainan island and experiencing the preview before the race, i realize  I am under prepare and ironman this type of sports really cost a bomb.

haha, first time joining ironman I feel like a noob, firstly i did not have a wetsuit , because I thought like singapore we could easily swim in the sea(ECP) but this is totally different, the current are much stronger , wave much bigger , temperature much colder, but i think this morning the weather was good water turn a bit warm so its better, anyway I wanted to rent a wet suit at 200rmb a day but it was all rented out so i think i can manage, despite i am worry about not hitting the cut off time for the swim, i would still do my best because I want prove myself.

also when i first reach here, i went a swim and a 90km, which many pple say I am mad, and I got myself into a sunburnt…hahaha lucky I am recovering soon otherwise I might be in the most comfortable feel to go for the race.

now I learn when it comes to race period no matter no much time you spent on last minute it still won be as good as you should prepare it long time ago. Each day as race period counts down, i am getting excited and a bit emo. because when i am here training. even with kelvins and friends around I still miss the very person in shanghai. I know even you are not here, you still send your blessing to me before the race and with that i feel the love from you with that i know despite all problem I can overcome it. I am sure I can complete the 70.3 with the result I am happy with.

today , I am going get myself both physically and mentally ready for the race, the first thing to do tml is to wake up at 6am, go to the race start and watch the ironman race , follow by going to the bike stand and have my bike types pump up with that i will get myself ready for my 9am swim. even I am only in my trisuit …not no wetsuit I will make it in time, go to the changing area and change in my bike attire get my small tools, 3 packs gel , number tag and helmet, then after which i will cycle 90km , and hit back the changing area , take off my helmet and remove my tools and change into running gear and off I go to complete my race.

YEAH 70.3 here I come and the next stop will be Ironman Japan : )

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