Busy week in shanghai

it has been a busy week for me in shanghai, work , training, networking session, fudan university…. I need to get my time management right . so this is what I have plan for myself.

Mon – Morning Gym (5km run)

Tue Morning Gym (weights)

Wed – Study Time

Thur – Evening Swim

Friday – Evening Swim

Sat & Sun – Morning cycle & evening Run 🙂

Haha hopefully I can really do all of it and complete 70.3 with a comfortable timing. 

On friday , I was so angry, I have been working in my internship firm for almost 6 weeks and my Jan & feb haven not yet been given to me , The HR said that they have to wait till March… Can you image that … How poor I am now in shanghai..lucky I have great friends (housemates), they cook at home and I eat a bit save some money .  the reason the HR gave was that the Hr movement form has jsut been signed by the HR manager so they could not processed the money in time, these pple really slack when the boss is not around .. how could it be possible I sign the form on 21/01/08  that was like 6 weeks ago and it takes 6 weeks to get a form approved , can you think what kind of working attitude these chinese has … its not that I want to complain but sometimes they are just not that effecient as you think they might be. I have complain to my manager hopefully they could do something about it and to think this a NUS NOC program. At least something is good I get to attend the that’s Shanghai book Launch 



Had my first swim in Bally’s house , first time swim indoor too and did about 1km , it was  good but I think i need many more training, also ad my 50 km ride on saturday, damn it was shag.. the most impressive part cycling with the FHL team in shanghai , they are real fast , they were clocking around 40-45km per hour … man did I suffered.. at the 25km turning point , I could feel that they were pulling away fast and furious.

And today  had my 70km with the Shanghai Tri club , It was a great ride. Thank you robert , Kristian , Lagoon..

I had a great ride and see you all next week . Now for me to upload my bike pictures. 

My Bike

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