Week 5 in shanghai …

Week 5 in shanghai, quite worry that I will soon behave madly , dasing for buses and trains…There are simply too many people in shanghai

and of course , an very expensive city, I feel that it is the most expensive in china, even nanjing the sttrating price for the can is RMB9 as compare to RMB11…

Just gotten my Java Roadbike, attempted my first ride to pudong. Experience was great , I am quite stress coz for the roadbike shoes I have to clip in and out , there is no much time to react if there is a car coming or anything is going to happen, maybe I just have to get use to it. Riding in pudong is nice ..less traffic plus going to towards the airport was great , but the coldness is unbearable …my hands and feets were numb, coz they were not winter gears. I think have to spent more $$ on winter gears liao , but on the other hand winter is ending soon so not sure wroth to get it a not. Also gotten to know some shanghai tri pple hopefully can borrow a ez bar so can help to cut down my cost.

Riding in Puxi is hell , nearly knock down by cars..they simply dun stop. they on going and going

As for the aftermeth , it simply shags me out , when I was home I was just too shag to do anything after bathing i went straight to sleep ,my housemates tried to wake me up for food, but I failed to reply.

haha Think i need more training in this area. Today went to Yu yuan and chen huang miao with some clarence and friends from business school , took some photos and uploaded into facebook. its a pity that wordpress in block in china, : ( coz we are not able to upload our photos straight from the site,a bit sian ….

not much issues with works nowadays , only still busy with the SL magazine .. thinking if this is really what I want to do , starts to get a bit shitty, at 1 point of time I really shag out , think i ot for quite a few days , hopefully after the photo shoot things turn out to be better.

Praise The lord. I thank you for giving a save ride up pudong.

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