finally I can blog

happy Chinese New year to all …

I been wanting to blog about shanghai since the day i arrive but after much hassle and looking for apts and starting our internship so not much time . also blogspot is also blog.

We just celebrated Chinese New Year, this my 1st CNY overseas.. a different experience ..miss home too.. a bit sad..
The fireworks here goes around all night…but could not see any lion dance or dragon dance…

a review on shanghai after 1 month…
Things here are quite expensive esp imported goods, so not much different from singapore… lucky we got IES otherwise we might have to fork out more money than usual..Food here is rel cheap but you have to face very oily and salty food…and i thank GOD I have housemates that cook .. I feel the love when they cook and pack it into lunch box for us.
Thank you Audrey and Angela…

I have just sign up with total fitness gym, just like planet fitness not much pple in the gym .. there is spinning lesson provided however I do not understand what the person is teaching..her objective is just to keep increasing speed, when the some of the riders are in the wrong position she never correct but just carried on. anyway I just do my own training. Swimming is expensive here, around S$5.00 per entry and you can only stay for 2 hours. SO right now only train on running,spinning and rowing.

as for bike, I will most probably be getting a alu frame with 105 full set as an entry level, still its quite expensive here, so those thinking of getting bike here in shanghai have to reconsider..

Will be joining the ironman 70.3 in haikou on 20 april, so touch when I heard my house mates are going down to support me, quite stress too dunno if I can complete

Well i think the thing to worry is on the electric bills and would I be as free or more busy when school start.

Next post would be on my nanking trip…Yeah
and 😦 my camera is a bit spoilt lucky I can still use it with custom mode.


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