shifting to wordpress

My 1st post with wordpress… just shifted to this blogging platform… because thinking since going to shanghai and I would be using facebook more often so i decided to change to wordpress because it is able to integrate with facebook. Moreover I have import the posts from blogspot has been a long time since I blog.. many things to keep in memories.

  1.  I am very happy with my results… I think i have put in effort despite the mistake I have made during the exams… Now I truly believe that when you put your heart to it you will succeed. Remember the time I posted in blogspot that I wanted to CAP 4 so that I can pull up my cap to 3.5 , with that I would be able to study Db Module in fuDan university…it really work…ASK n YOU shell received ..of course hardword have to be put into too… 
  2. recently went to church with my mom, faith started to grow each time I attend, therefore decided to visit the church… then I started to love their songs more and more esp those by hillsongs… How Great OUR Gods… After so many years , i finally said sinners prayer… haha…Now if I have burden I would share with you father’s son.. it not only lighten my load and makes me feel better too.. 
  3. working in bank now, make a few new friends..ellyn and yi juan ..2 pretty girls …and handsome Bryan from SIM we share the same surname too.. will upload the photos soon once I set up my mac… KTV session Thank you Ellyn for the Card Holder 🙂 
  4. Going to shanghai … now having housing problem … house mates wish to stay in nan jing lu.. which is near ren min sq..but i am need to change train at the interchange and reading from the forum saying that it is a horrible  experience …what shall I do moreover the rent is also quite expensive … but staying in zhong San also won do me any good coz my work place is really away from others thining of staying with seniors but if staying with them the bill come up to $1000rmb also no point might as well stay with current housemates plus need to share room coz i am light sleeper I am afraid that I would not be able to sleep well due to other snoring haha well all this cannot be confirm till I reach there …I believe that everything will turn out find. … money is also a problem … schools is going to due soon ..but I am confident that I would be able to handle with the ocbc pay … I wish and pray that my mom would be healthy and when I get back I would be a successful businessman ..My objective in this trip is to open my path to the business in china and also make used of this time to train in forex..I am sue I am able to give my mom a good life.  Thats all for now:)p/s Thank you all my friends who treated my farewell dinners I would miss you all when I am there D FORCE …I would not forget you all … 

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