DSC 2003 Management Science

It been a long time since I blog hahah

have dye back my hair to black, so that i does not look so ‘beng’ Well things have been going well, start going to mom’s church. A different experience from the last time when I was there. Maybe it was because I open up myself to accept the words.

today just had MS exam, i have already this 6 sense that I was mixed up long and max and in the bus i did take a look at it , who would expect that during the exam time i really confused myself….haiz who to blame but myself.. after that angry with myself when swimming and listening to the cds that Gen pass me .. soothes things down…

I think the matter for me is that I could not find anyone to share the experience, weather good or bad… since I have written down in this blog , I must make a commitment that I will not make such mistake again, anymore hunches then I will have to make a quick check ..haha plus check through all your work.

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