Y&R – the company that I want to work in for the NOC program

Y&R – the company that I want to work in for the NOC program… How much I want it?
I want it as much as I want to complete the ironman, race in PM cup

Advertising – i think it is the bridge between the media and the consumers, it connects what the product benefits or attribute to the customers. Hopefully i will get there interview next week: )

Today finance quiz do ok I feel,  Think my B to B+ for finance still got chance.. This week not much feeling to share just dun understand why I was rowing for the master series? am I that weak or my attendance that low? I just feel that myself at dragon-boat anymore is it because I cannot row I get sour or I am need to train more?

If I ask the captain, he may think that I want to row , but it is the true that I really want to row ..I want to row once for NUS … today never went training , because I feel different.. a different feeling from begin in the biathlon team , last time I used to be so on… Biathlon …Team I really respect , I also respect my captain for dragon-boat just that I feel maybe it is too competitive ? In my mind I am thinking should I quit , just by quitting is it the ans , this is not like me , I am a person that do not give up on top of that I also got to know 2 very good friend Todd and Calvin , they are really nice guys .. maybe they around the same age as me so we can communicate like a uncle team
or maybe I should start training on my own for Ironman : )

my target for marketing research is A and so I put a lot of stress on my coming quiz, i must stay composed so that I can focus… i am sure I can do it : )

This is a update to my post. I did not get to work in Y&R but I had my internship in Simply The Group – One word to describe the experience: GREAT.

  • I gain contacts to local medias
  • learn how stuffs work in restaurants / retail store – both bottom up and top down
  • make many friends
  • learn from a successful boss 🙂

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