impluse action

Once again, my impluse action cause me some money again. This week decided that it was time to do a put warrant with due that STI is going up on strong.

Tue , wed all data against US, but US market still go up. I was still hoping that I could earn some pocket money and buy a bicycle. Who would have though I have to cut lost and now I lost around $650. : (

if and if i had use the money straight to buy a bike would that be better, why do I always get myself into this situation. However, I could not take the emotional stress so i cut lost today after that I do feel better …suprising i was feeling better despite that I have cut lost. Maybe affect my riding too.

Today almost met into 2 accident, 1 in the morning aother was in the evening.
the morning the car stop but coz I was following closly behind lucky i swift to the right but there was car coming from the right , lucky both manage to stop in time otherwise that would be….

evening CTE jam , no choice have to squeeze suddenly car jam I also jam but wet so a bit hard to jam in time lucky I put down my legs and avoid in time otherwise …

anyway be toking about negative stuff , but after listening to the sercret audio, i feel i should be positive also
my friend as me a question that strikes. After investing for a period of time , did you make more losses or winning if more losses why are you stil doing it?
is it time to ponder ?

but still I would have to say I love trading, I think it becomes a hobby? or is it gambling ? However when I cut lost today I have a feeling that my remaining lots will make a profit and cover up.. this is what usually happens haha

I thank God for reducing my losses … as long as I still around money I still can earn back.


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