Ideas,moods and thoughts

Been a long time since I blog, Have just change my blog address to

After watch a channel 8 tv programme on blogging – they speak of a point that catches my attention. I change the blog address so that someday when I am away someone will still remember me.

Hopefully someone wil be willing to makea search on my name ?

Some of the things I would like to make changes to my blog
maybe add some photos when I was a child,
complete the review on vietnam
give some book reviews coz recently been reading some intersting articles and also add in some ideas on investment

all this for me to review when I am old , ten maybe I will have a good laugh on what I was think at that point of time.

the question to ask myself
Why am i writing a blog , to
let someone read
for me to read
keep in memory

if it was to for me to read why am i writing in a reported format? and if I intent to let someone read …why is it so ?
fame , status, attention, is this what I am seeking ? so many logics

upcoming goals.
biking – roadbike


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