Vietnam trip update

Got the package tour from the hotel. it was a nice experience , although it was also a tourist trap. The jpurney goping was not that enjoying, I been push around like a bag moving me from bus to bus. But i do love the journey on the baot and met many people and make good friends on the boat.

Chat with different backpackers on the way , learn many things thing from them what trabsport to take and what not to do.

after the halong bay tour , i was back in hanoi, met up with Biana and friends , I would like to tahnk them for bringing around in the town and to visit the night sat market. But i never gotten anything.

I was busy looking for a tour to leave that night, lucky i did not leave otherwise i would end up misiing all the fun because the next day, Bianca bring me a tour on her bike, i was iven the chance to ride her bike on my own, it was a great experience, i believe I have become greater experience rider. I haven taken many nice photos which i will post up later and she also bring me to have a lot of nice food, this time roundthink have to run harder when I am back in singapore.

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