Shoutout in vietnam

I wanna to complain….

becaue I made 2 mistake in this tour, that is not to pick up anymore of the tour package …
it was waste of time and its a tourist trap. I took up another tour with the so call orignal sing cave. it is rubbish I took a 2 day 3 night tour cost me 77usd with no food and on the day of departure then tellme I would have to make my own way back to hanoi from the train station , thou the train station is near they should tell me first

another mistake was to book the open package bus tickets ,this allow you to travel down south to saigon with bus, and you can make a stop any point of time. however this is the cheapest way of travel.
but because of sometimes i am like restricted to the bus service. but this time round i learn from the mistake. No choice i may ned to buy train tickets to hoi an becuse the trip is quite long.

Another complain the trip to sapa was below my expectation, but i made 2 friends as of now. Today the tour guide try to short change me , bring me only to 1 village when the tour stated 2. the funny part ws that the tour was sippose to be a group tour by there was 4 spainish pple ( rich and old) could not afford to walk any longer and always complain about thio and that so they went back to hotel. left me and the guide turn out to be a private tour for me haha.

but sapa id something like genting the weather , and I serious think that there is no need to get tour , coz it is a small town nothing much to do . also waste of my time to come with the tour should have come myself.

if I amnot wrong , train tickets to sapa 50usd 2 ways and room around 10 usd transport up sapa 2 usd a day tour maybe 12usd with ,lunch that make up only 74usd and you have freedom to roam around.
but right now i also leave my tour group to roam around on my own. asted ome money.

anyway thing in sapa also quite ex spoilt market by the europeans coz thuer money big , a meal for us in sing cost 4-6 dollars thats like in singapore. no much difference also this ares has been crowed with tourist so no point coming unless you are riding up or want to expeience villages life. which are quite primative

coming up next will be arriving in hanoi in 31/07 5am will rot in hanoi and wait till 6.30pm for bus down to hue which will be 12 hours like going penang hahaha or longer.

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