Reporting from vietnam 27/07/2007

Reached hanoi in the evening around 7pm yesterday night. Share a cab to the hotel and the journey begin.

first time staying in the guestroom, meet up with a few nice guys.
1st stop, a japenese guy who is a freelance computer engineer . he travels around the asia on his backpack and he does his work at the same time all he need is wifi

talking about wifi – anywhere in hanoi you can find wifi despite the slower connection.
too bad i did not bring my apple along.

then met up with a thai , korean – nice guys mingle around talk about travelling and stuffs.

went out for dinner, along the street the traffic was heavy , but we have nop problem crossing the road as the motors cars will avoid us. haha a bit pressure thou.

First day in hanoi , still a bit pressure coz stress as the street are quite messy but overall still ok.
except that the us stocks market tumble. they have bloomberg live haha. POWER

morning start early in hanoi – lifes start around 5am and end around 11pm so if you are out on the street at 11pm becareful cause there are very little around.

Bodega hotel (located at hang bong)is ok – nothing special but friendly stuff and if you cannot find tour for 1 person they have a way dun worry hahah just spent a few bucks and you will have a personlise tour. And they keep asking you to post positive commentsonline. haha…still thinking to go up north bike motorbike. but today i will be going Halong bay for 2 day 1 night trip. back in hanoi then i will decided again.

Heres my hanoi number +84902604475

that will be all for now.

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