what the Used?

Today, my uncle passed away. And I actually saw him die…

To me, life and death is a cycle but this time round I am not sure if it is my fault.

Early in the morning, my mom came running shouting for help, i got up with fright, then i ran up to see my uncle lying on the floor, i saw him motionless…

There was this thought that time, is he dead, because it was the same scene that I remember I saw my father in . To know in my mind I did learn CPR but I did not execute it …because I was afraid I might do the wrong step.

…ambulance came paramedics did CPR , ….but it was too late…

so many things in my mind…what the used of learning lifesaving CPR…

Commitment this time round left my mom and me … I will not let my mom down …
she will live a good life…
healthy and wealthy all come in abundance

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